Nawazuddin’s daughter was upset on seeing him as a woman

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, one of the most popular actors of Bollywood, has recently shown off his first look from his forthcoming film Haddi as a woman. A picture of him has gone viral on social media. Where the actor is dressed as a woman. Fans were surprised to see that picture. He will be seen in director Akshat Ajay Sharma’s new movie ‘Haddi’.
The actor looked completely unrecognisable as he was seen dressed as a woman, flaunting his glamorous and never-seen-before avatar. With Grey gown, silver ring, bracelet, long hair and make-up, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s look went viral in no time. Days after, the actor has now revealed that his daughter was ‘very upset’ when she saw him dressed as a woman. He also joked saying now he knows why actresses take time longer to come out of their vanity van.

According to this actor, not long ago we started shooting for ‘Haddi’ in Noida, India. I will play the role of a woman and a transgender in the film. Both these characters are different. The director had this script about four years ago. Since then he wanted to make the movie. I have known Akshat since working with Anurag Kashyap. Finally we are working together.

Although some fans commented that she looks like Archana. When asked if he was imitating Archana, the actor said, “I don’t try to imitate anyone.” But to play a female character I have to think like a woman. Nawazuddin said, I have worked with many famous female directors and it helped me a lot for this film. I realized that women see the world differently. They are very empathetic and they see beauty in everything. But most men do not respect women. We want to change such attitudes through cinema.

But the interesting thing is that My daughter was very upset when she saw me dressed as a woman. She now knows that it’s for a role and is fine now. I must say this, after this experience, I have huge respect for actresses who do this on a daily basis. Itna saara taam jhaam hota hai. Hair, make-up, dress, nails… maintain households works. Now I know why an actress may take longer than her male counterpart to get out of her vanity van. It’s absolutely justified. I will have more patience now (laughs)!”

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